May 28, 2003

Two rainy weekends in a row, so not much has been done on the Square. The garage it’s in is too tight to do much of anything without pulling the car out at least a little. Received the rest of the fuel line in the post, and that will be the first thing I do when I finally get cracking on the car again. Reinstall the fuel pump, reconnect hoses, clean the screen in the tank, drain the oil & pull the engine. I’m hoping my engine cart comes in by this weekend. I ordered it from California Import Parts and for some reason it’s being shipped from an island in British Columbia. Go figure.

Was looking around for a Beetle to take the place of my Jetta (which has now been in the shop for over a week getting a new clutch). Never take your car to Aamco. What a freaking disaster. I just hope they’re not torturing it. Was driving down the street the other day and saw a purple one that I tried to get the phone number off, but it was faded or rainwashed or something. Didn’t bother to knock on the door of the house behind where it was parked. Followed a red 71 beetle into work today too. Hmmm… Beetles calling. I really should get my Square on the road first. I can just see me now, starting an aircooled VW collection, none of them working.