October 16, 2003

I still can’t see how people drive over 70mph in these cars. I have a feeling I should really go through the car again, and I will do that as soon as I get back from NH next week. I don’t know how much the tires and wheels are having to do with the way the car handles, or the amount which it gets blown around in the wind. I think one of my first purchases should be new wheels and tires, and I’m opting right now for the 15×5.5 wheels so that I can get a slightly wider tire on the car. Hopefully that will aid in handling and also provide a little more stability when cornering or when driving in the wind. The last couple days have seen gusts up to 40mph, so it has been a little difficult keeping a straight track. It’s supposed to calm down today though. I sort of wish I didn’t have to rely on the car for another day. Actually, I can’t really believe it’s only another day. I really want to go through the whole thing again, tune-up, oil change, seals replaced, transmission mount fixed, etc. I guess it can wait until I get back from NH.

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  1. Aaron, I bought a new Sqbk in ’68 and drove it for a few years. It easily reached 70mph just at the natural position of my size 8 foot on the pedal. The car wanted to go 70! I got about 30mpg on 200 – 300 mile trips around Washington and Oregon.
    A couple of weeks ago I acquired another one with 70k on it that had been sitting in a field in Easter Oregon for several years. Not much rust and fairly straight. I just took the fuel tank out to clean it, the injectors and the lines and will try and start it soon. My question to you is about the POR15 you used on the cylinders and tin. Are you happy with the results? Did it improve cooling?
    This car is blessed with a near perfect floor pan bit I figure I will need to pull the motor and o’haul it. I really wanted a banged up automatic but found this 4 speed prize. Maybe I can find a trader at Mytle Creek Invasion. Regards, Marv

  2. Sorry it’s taken so long to respond. I think it helped a lot, yes. I never got the impression that my engine was running hot. I never got that “hot engine smell” either. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Good luck with your newest addition!!

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