Back In Business

It’s been two years almost to the day since I stopped writing in here. Not a whole lot has been done on the cars since then. The wife, stepson and I moved into a new house on Long Island and that has obviously been taking up a lot of time. On the VW front, I’ve still got Wilson and for the first time this weekend it failed to start. It’s shooting gas out of one of the braided fuel lines I replaced a couple years back. Time to do it properly with the American 5/16 inch stuff.

It was loads of fun driving it back and forth to work last year, and it never left me stranded. I eventually replaced the rotting tires and bent rims with some 5.5in. stock-look wheels and I got a great deal on a set of fairly wide tires from Wholesale Tire Warehouse, which are rubbing just a little bit on the front fenders. It wasn’t long after that though that I took it off the road, so I really haven’t gotten to drive on those much, and I don’t think I actually drove on them to work. Perhaps I did though. By last fall, the idle on the car was getting a little choppy, and the front end seemed a little loose. I figured I’d take it off the road since I needed to take care of both those things, along with replacing/repairing the heater boxes which were making the exhaust incredibly loud. They are completely rusted where the muffler meets the heater box piping.So last fall I think it was, my friend Jim and I made the trip up to NH to bring back the Fasty, which is now sitting in my garage. This weekend I finally got around to jacking it up and replacing the front fuel lines, which we found out were broken when we tried to put gas in the car to start it. The fuel lines had been routed incorrectly, and I think the fuel delivery was actually going backward which was I think what was causing the issue where the RPM of the engine would pick up so slowly when the accelerator was pushed. It would take like 15 seconds for the engine to gain speed. Anyway, the fuel lines are now correctly routed, and the fuel pump is now mounted back in its proper location instead of on the front fork of the pan.