November 8, 2005

I’ve been on some big deadlines at work, so I haven’t had much of a chance to work on the Fasty recently. Last week I did manage to remove the fuel injectors and the fuel ring from the engine compartment. The seals were pretty dry, and when I went looking for the fuel injector seals that I know I bought at some point earlier this year, I couldn’t find them. So I ended up going on CIP to get some new ones. While I was there I picked up a headliner to replace the one that’s in the car (ripped, and stuffed with rat nest padding), and I got the replacement battery tray as well, which is now available for sale.

At one point CIP also had total left/right pans available, but it looks like they’re all gone now. My guess is that someone scooped them up and will now sell them at premium prices. I should write to CIP to see if they’re going to have more in stock. Might be a good idea to pick up a set if possible. Never know what kind of Type 3 I’ll pick up in the future.

So the seals and the tray and the headliner are scheduled for delivery today. I’m hoping to take Friday and Saturday off so I’ll get the fuel system all set up in the Fasty, and if I am in the mood, I guess I’ll be tackling the electrical system on the FI as well. Lots of soldering to do. The thing is a mess in the engine compartment. I’d rather not replace the FI harness if I can help it at all. It’s pretty brittle, but I think it will be OK. Just gotta be gentle with it.