Selling all my Type 3 stuff

Well, as you can probably see from the diary here, since my wife and I bought our house I have spent far too little time on these cars. It’s time to turn them over to someone who will pick up where I left off. My wife and I are embarking on this spiritual “de-cluttering” endeavor, and we’re hoping that it will restore some balance to our lives. I’ve had a clutter problem most of my life, and it’s starting to weigh me down. It’s time to give up things that I’m no longer using and be free of them to let them move along to new owners, or to be recycled or whatever they’re next bound for.

It’s kind of an experiment, and I’m sure it will take a while to figure out if it’s working or not. My feeling is how can it not work? I think I got overwhelmed by the amount of work that I wanted to do on the cars to get them to the point where I’d be happy with them. Now, I won’t need to really worry about that anymore. No more worrying about what to do if they’re not idling right, or how I’m going to weld in replacement sections of the pan on the Fastback, or how I’m going to keep ahead of the rust that is constantly attacking Type 3’s here in the northeast US.

So that’s it for the diary I think. I have lots of Type 3 manuals that I still plan to scan in and put on this site, and the site itself isn’t going anywhere. I will keep it going as it seems to get about five hundred unique visitors a month on average and since the material has been static for a while, it seems like some people are using it as a resource, which is what I had hoped it would become. So rest assured, it’s staying put here at and I will continue to add to it.

Thanks for visiting.